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An advanced range of concentrated gel suspension

and specialist liquid fertilisers formulated for turf use.

A revolutionary source of potassium with superior foliar absorption up to 5 times greater than traditional sources due to small molecule size and the plant’s natural liking for organic acids.

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Premium K (K2O) is a revolutionary source of potassium having superior foliar absorption over traditional forms of potassium. Potassium acetate is THE ultimate choice of potassium for foliar applications. Due to small molecule size and the plant’s natural affinity for organic acids, Premium K has been demonstrated to have up to 5 times the foliar uptake of traditional forms of potassium such as potassium nitrate, potassium thiosulfate, and potassium carbonate.

0-0-38 w/v Potassium Acetate

Potassium acetate has higher % foliar absorption than potassium thiosulfate and potassium nitrate


  • Superior foliar absorption (see graph)
  • Use at lower rates compared to other forms of potash
  • Ideal Autumn feed that hardens turf
  • Improves and increases germination when overseeding
  • Formulated specifically for turf
  • Easy to target applications at problem areas
  • Can be tank mixed with the full range of Farmura Organics
  • Spoon feed or use as per application guide
  • Easy accurate spray application
  • Spray and play
  • Time saving
Farmura Premium K application guide - litres per 500 sq metre and per hectare

Water Ratio

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Apply Premium K with water to total 600 litres per Hectare or 30 litres per 500 m2


Farmura Guide to Turf Management Products (PDF) Farmura Guide to Turf Management Products (PDF)

Premium K Safety Data Sheet

Farmura Guide to Turf Management Products

Farmura Potash Plus leaflet (PDF)

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