Farmura Organics

The original liquid fertilizer range for general turf and landscape maintenance.

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The original Farmura organic liquid fertiliser for general turf and landscape maintenance.



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The original Farmura liquid organic feed, Farmura Turf is made up of a unique base of homogenised, sterilised and odorised bovine extract.


  • Encourages fine grasses
  • Improves soil conditioning and root development
  • Increases bacteria count
  • Improves drought and disease resistance
  • Tank mixes with Farmura range


  • The Original Farmura Organic Liquid
  • Contains 70 analysed nutrients
  • Proven core product for over 35 years
  • Conditions soil
  • Low nitrogen 0.6%

Where To Use

Application Rate

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  • 100 litres/hectare
  • 5 litres/500 sq. metres
  • Water ratio: 1:5


Can be used monthly throughout the year depending on weather conditions.


For best results, use when the ground temperature is above 7°C.  Avoid spraying in the heat of the day. In dry conditions water after application.



  • Pre-seeding
  • Re-seeding
  • Fine turf / sports turf
  • Ecologically sensitive areas