Strengthen turf’s natural defenses

against stress and disease.

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A high quality foliar turf treatment containing a full range of trace elements to correct deficiencies.

Farmura Combi foliar treatment contains a full range of trace elements to correct deficiencies, and is particularly suitable for sandy soils.  It can be applied as a stand-alone treatment or conveniently tank-mixed with Farmura Super Concentrates. The trace elements are fully chelated to maintain availability to the turf and ensure optimal results.



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For maintenance of trace element levels:  Apply 50 ml/500 m2 or 1 litre/Hectare

For correction of trace element deficiencies:  Apply 100 ml/500 m2 or 2 litres/Hectare.

Apply in tank mix with Farmura Super Concentrates or in a minimum of 100 litres/Hectare of water.


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