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Soil Penetrant

Dispatch A programme surfactant
Start applications when irrigation is required, then apply at weekly or monthly intervals, or as needed. 51.
Consistent playing surface for better playability
Pack Sizes: 25ltrs, 210ltrs
Dilution rate: 1ltrs : 100ltrs water
Application rate: 2-6ltrs per hectare

Where to use
Fairways, approaches, sports grounds and other large areas of maintained turf
Low application rate
Gets water off the surface and into the soil
European Patent Number EP 0968 155
Increased nutrient availability
Patented Synergy Technology
Can be injected through the irrigation system

• Cost effective
• Ease of application
• Increased distribution uniformity and irrigation efficiency
• Less run-off – ensures soil targeted products get to where they need to go. Helps to reduce off-site movement of applied products
• Water and energy savings
• Improved plant health and quality
• Improved Nitrogen efficiency
• No sprayer needed – saves time and labour
• Reduces surface run off by as much as 19.2% on slopes! Reducing the loss of costly water soluble chemicals as well as water!”
• Reduces water usage by 25-50% without sacrificing turf quality.
• Improves irrigation efficiency by 30-50%
• Increases photosynthesis in plants as well as other metabolic functions on less water

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